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Project Description

The project “Digital Inclusive Tool” (Digitool) was collaboratively designed to train teachers (regular education / special education), to work with autistic students, using ICT. Through this training, Digitool will allow, indirectly, the training of autistic students to use these tools. Thus, it is proposed to design and pilot test, in Portugal, Spain and Italy, a new inclusive ICT approach in the scope of autism, which promotes the communication, socialization and learning of these students, enhancing their school success.


– Increase awareness for the investment in inclusive ICT literacy in schools, families and institutions as a tool that promotes learning, communication and self-determination of autistic persons;

– Increase awareness of the educational community for the need for capacity building of the educational contexts in terms of inclusive ICT;

– Increase awareness of organizations in the area of disability to promote ICT literacy;

– Increase the number of schools trained to work with autistic students through the access and implementation of the range of ICT resources that the project will generate;

– Possible impact at public policies’ level, through the awareness of political decision-makers, of the importance of investing in inclusive ICT as a “friendly” strategy of equity in learning”.