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European Education, And Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) is an executive agency of the European Commission located in Brussels, Belgium. It manages parts of the European Commission’s funding programmes in education, culture, media, sport, youth, citizenship and humanitarian aid. More information here (in 24 languages).


The European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (cedefop i.e. Centre Européen pour le Développement de la Formation Professionnelle) is an EU agency based in Thessaloniki, Greece. The issues Cedefop covers include guidance and counselling, training for older workers, forecasting the demand and supply of skills, the recognition and validation of learning that takes place outside the education system as well as the development of qualification frameworks. More information here (in 24 languages).


The European Commission’s Directorate-General Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion (DG EMPL) based in Brussels is responsible for EU policy on employment, social affairs, skills, labour mobility and the related EU-funding programmes. DG EMPL’s Directorate on Social Rights and Inclusion supports efforts to combat poverty and social exclusion, reform social protection systems and assess new demographic and social developments. It includes the Disability and Inclusion unit tasked with coordinating the European Commission’s Disability policies. More information here (in 24 languages).

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