Between the 8th and the 9th of November, our partner organization Autismo Sevilla hosted the 3rd Transnational Meeting of the DiGiTooL project in the historical city of Seville, Spain.

Throughout these 2 days of activities, all the partners reviewed what has been done so far and set up the next steps for the training of professionals in the area of education.

The first day of the meeting began with an analysis of the project´s progress since March 2022 (the date of the 2nd transnational meeting) until now. This was followed by the presentation of pilot courses for teachers – one of the milestones of DiGiTooL. Each partner presented the overall structure of the pilot courses, how to apply them in each country involved (Italy, Portugal, and Spain), and how to introduce and use ICT with autistic students. ISCTE also proposed an evaluation methodology to measure the impact of the application of the pilot course to be implemented in each country. In the afternoon, a second milestone of DiGiTooL was explored. It was discussed the structure and guidelines of use by teachers and students of the multi-resource kit and app being developed by DiGiTool partners.

If the first day of the meeting was more focused on what was done in the past and what is being developed in the present, the second day was mostly focused on the project’s next steps and deadlines. In addition to this look to the future, during the second day there was also room to review dissemination activities and organize the next external communication actions about the project. The second day of the meeting ended with a visit to Ángel Rivière School, where our host partner Autismo Sevilla showed us their school and how they work with the autistic children and young people. DiGiTooL partners were impressed by their individualized and personalized support to each person as well as by the community they have created around the organization.

On this 3rd transnational meeting, DiGiTooL partners demonstrated they are one step closer to train teachers and autistic students to use ICT tools in an effective way, which will promote the communication, socialization and learning of these students, enhancing their school success. Besides this, the meeting also promoted networking between all the partners involved. For sure, all of us had a great time during the cultural visit to the Plaza de España and the delicious social dinner in Seville. Thank you to all the DiGiTooL partners for the amazing team work and efforts.

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