Invited by Diversamente ODV, partners from Portugal, Spain and Greece as well as Autism-Europe came together in Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy the end of March 2022.

First, partners from Portugal, Spain and Italy took stock of the results of the focus groups where autistic people, their families and autism professional took part. The aim of the focus groups was to select suitable ICT tools for autistic people education in the classroom that teachers and professionals should learn how to use. Based on these results, partners also launched into discussing the practicalities and necessary courses for the future training for teachers.

Then partners from Portugal and Greece presented the results of the jointed staff training activity hosted by Centro de Recursos para a Inclusão Digital (CRID) on the campus of Politecnico de Leiria in September of last year.

Autism-Europe took the opportunity of the meeting to prepare partners to join their campaign for World Autism Awareness Day 2022. (See following article)

Finally, partners agreed the next meeting should be in November in Seville, Spain, hosted by Autismo Sevilla.

We are looking forward for the next steps of our project.

Stay tuned for more!

DiGiTool is a cooperation of the organizations, Autism-Europe, CRID – Centro de Recursos para a Inclusão Digital, CEI – Iscte, Inovar Autismo-, Associação de cidadania e inclusão, Associazione Diversamente OVD, Autismo Sevilla & InterMediaKT based in 5 European countries.