How can I support my autistic peers?(tips and tricks)

     by Inovar Autismo

Strategies that can be used to help our partners:

Strategies that can be used to help our partners:

  • Use simple, direct sentences when talking to them.
  • Use visual aids to help them understand better.
  • Repeat information if they didn’t understand.
  • Explain things in stages, don’t give them all the information at once.


It is important:

  • That we are patient.
  • That we respect our partners: their needs and their way of doing things.
  • To be creative.
  • To understand that diversity exists.
  • To be able to put ourselves in the other person’s shoes.
  • To get to know our partner beyond the fact that he/she is autistic.
  • To invest in communication.


We need to avoid:

  • Reinforcing behavior that is not appropriate.
  • Allowing other peers to laugh at what they do or say.
  • Allowing our autistic peers to feel overly stressed.

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